Patriots Lose $250K In Hernandez Jersey Swap

Hernandez, Luck

At only 23 years old, Ex-Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez, life has turned upside down from one fatal night and it doesn’t look like its slowing up any time soon.

While it seems like Snoop Lion is Hernandez only supporter, fans turned out in large numbers, to the sum of 1,200, to take part in a jersey exchange program.  The program, funded by the Patriots Pro Shop, supported the fans trading in their jerseys for Wilfork, Brady, Gronkowski and Ninkovich, with limited sales in Tebow jerseys. At the end of swap, it was reported that the Patriots lost an estimated $250,000. What will the Patriots do with the extra jerseys? The Patriots aren’t giving them to the less fortunate, if they cant be reused/recycled material then the jerseys will be destroyed., caught some reactions from the fans of the Patriots that were in line for the swap:

“You can’t wear a Hernandez around here. He disrespected the Patriots way, Robert Kraft, Myra Kraft. You can’t disrespect her,” he said. “I made a mistake getting a Hernandez in the first place. I should have bought Gronkowski, and I wouldn’t be here now.”

“I am here because Aaron Hernandez betrayed us,” Josh said, “he betrayed every Patriot fan who was loyal to him, who invested their time and belief that he was one of us. I want him to know that such a betrayal comes with a reciprocal price.”

It seems like Hernandez, cant return from this one. Hernandez is going to need something beyond a miracle and every prayer that Ray Lewis can offer to come out of this.