Paul George Says He And Danny Granger Can Co-Exist Together


The Indiana Pacers are now title contenders, and added an all-star caliber play with the return of Danny Granger.

The return of Granger now brings back the constant question of whether he and Paul George can coexist together on the wing, without taking away from each other’s game.

George recently addressed the matter with HOOPSWORLD, and says he and Granger “can indeed play well together.”

“Even my second year in the league and my rookie year, we were still able to play off one another,” George said. “I didn’t have as big of a role as I do now, but we still did a good job playing off one another….

“We’re positioned really well,” George told HOOPSWORLD. “The only thing we really needed was the experience, and with everyone coming back together again, there’s no doubt in mind that we should win a championship.”

The question now is can both players accept the fact that George is now the star of this franchise, and that Granger can still be a huge factor in a championship run, if he can accept playing second or third fiddle?