Teammate Tells How Warren Sapp Paid Off $15K Bet with Strippers


We see the same story over and over again of how athletes, who make millions during their careers, are left with practically nothing after they retire. They’re usually struggling to pay old debt,s or you hear of them losing homes or other such tragedies.

I used to sit back and wonder how this could happen. For example, how could ex-NFL star Warren Sapp be left broke? Well one of Sapp’s former teammates posted a picture on Instagram, and this is the clearest indicator. The caption posted explains how Sapp made a bet with the player and ended up paying it off with strippers.

Current players need to take the lessons from players like Sapp and know that it can happen to anyone. The life may be glamorous now, but the strippers will not be worried about how you’re paying your bills when your career is over.