Police Release Aaron Hernandez’s Evidence Documents (Read Here)


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A lot of interesting information revealed in the documents above.

Here is a brief summary.

  • Aaron Hernandez told his fiancee that his agent told her to stop talking to police.
  • Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee told police the victim Odin Lloyd was a marijuana dealer.
  • Police found gum and shell cases under a child’s drawing in the rental car they believe was involved in murder.
  • Aaron Hernandez’s Patriots locker was searched.
  • The police say Hernandez slammed the door in their face when they first talked to him about the murder investigation.
  • Cell phone records showed communication between the victim and Hernandez on the day of murder.
  • Hernandez is seen with a handgun multiple times.
  • Hernandez got gas, a cigar and some gum at 2am on the night of the murder.

There is a lot more info in the documents, it seems to be a very strong circumstantial case, but they still don’t have the smoking gun.


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  • Where is the rest of the documents ? This is such a sad sad case.

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