Police Searching Aaron Hernandez’s Pool at His Secret Apartment

Aaron Hernandez Window

The big piece of evidence the police are missing in the Aaron Hernandez’s case is the murder weapon. They have a lot of circumstantial evidence that makes a strong case that Hernandez was the shooter, but they have nothing putting the weapon in his hand.

Even if Hernandez’s crew turns on him, his defense attorneys could simply say they are lying to get a deal. The police have searched the pond close to Hernandez’s home and now they are checking his pool according to Pro Football Talk.

According to FOX 25 in Boston, investigators returned to the apartment complex in Ledgewood, Massachusetts area on Wednesday night for further searching.  Per the report, the efforts focused on the pool area.

Hernandez does seem like the world’s dumbest criminal, but unless someone tells the police exactly where the gun is, it looks like they will have a hard time finding it.