Pouncey Brothers Wearing “Free Hernandez” Hats at the Club (Photo)


 I am all for supporting your friends and letting justice play out, but when you are high profile athletes and one of your own is accused of murder, maybe you should let some things slide.

Steelers Center Maurkice Pouncey and his twin brother, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey were at an appearance at Cameo Night Club in Miami where they decided to show up in matching “Free Hernandez” hats. Both guys were teammates of Hernandez at the University of Florida and they were both allegedly present with Hernandez the night of one of his alleged shootings in 2007.

According to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, beat writer for the Dolphins who was present at the event, it was the Twins Birthday Party.

Here is a pic Maurkice posted.

[h/t Deadspin]

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  • Too bad the Pouncey brothers didn’t talk to the same “friends” that Odin did in that club. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about them saying stupid shit. They’d be dead.

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