Redskins RB Alfred Morris Thought Bryce Harper Was Tom Brady


If you know anything about Redskins second year running back Alfred Morris, you will know he’s humble, quiet, and pretty much to himself.

That quiet nature is the only thing that can save him from this embarrassing mixup.

According to Yahoo SportsWUSA 9 In Washington D.C. had an interesting idea, where they would see how many Redskins players could recognize Washington Nationals star outfielder Bryce Harper.

You would assume big city professional athletes would recognize each other?

Alfred Morris and a few other Redskins proved that theory to be wrong.  When Morris was asked who was in the photo, he answered with the name of a pretty well-known NFL quarterback, and not Harper.

“Is that Tom Brady?” Morris asked WUSA when shown the picture.


Morris shouldn’t feel that bad, 12 other Redskins had no clue either.