Report: Aaron Hernandez A Loner, No Patriots’ Hung Out With Him


The more the Aaron Hernandez saga continues to develop before our eyes, the more we realize that no one around him really knew much about him.

Even more shocking is the fact that his co-workers and teammates had no clue about who he really was either.

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald is reporting that he spoke to a number of Hernandez’s teammates who chose to remain anonymous, and the one thing they all agreed on was him being a “loner,” and “no one hanging out with him.”

His teammates didn’t fully grasp why they didn’t see him outside the facility. It’s a case of not really knowing a person the way everyone might have hoped.

“No one hung out with him,” according to one source. “No one.”

Another player put it a little more bluntly.

“Out of 53 guys, surely there’s someone you could find to hang out with. Instead, he chose to revert to his network from his hometown.”


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