Report: Aaron Hernandez Failed No Drug Tests With Patriots


Say what you want about Aaron Hernandez’s behavior at Florida, and the alleged cover up of his several failed drug test as a Gator, because according to reports, Hernandez was clean while he was a Patriot.

The Boston Globe is reporting that Hernandez failed no drug test while a member of the New England Patriots.

for three years in New England, Hernandez did everything Bill Belichickasked of him football-wise, according to a team source. He showed up to meetings and practices on time, practiced hard, stayed in shape, was very coachable, and starred on the field, scoring 18 touchdowns in three seasons. Just as importantly, he didn’t fail one NFL drug test in three seasons.

Even though Hernandez gained negative press for his marijuana use as a Gator, it seems his off the field habits and associates eventually did him in.