Report: Aaron Hernandez may be paying for Ernest Wallace’s Lawyer


In the midst of Carlos Ortiz flipping on Aaron Hernandez, and turning state’s evidence, The Boston Herald is reporting that Aaron Hernandez may be paying for Ernest Wallace’s attorney. 

The Herald is reporting that the DA is upset about the state’s public defenders office tried to assign a taxpayer-funded lawyer to Hernandez’s alleged co-conspirator, Ernest Wallace, who is already represented by a high-profile defense attorney.

“I’m very concerned about this. This has happened before to other district attorneys and it’s not going to stop until the courts or the Legislature puts a stop to it,” said Bristol County District Attorney Samuel Sutter. “It certainly is an issue of taxpayer money, and it’s also an issue of inappropriately impeding homicide investigations. They have been known to appoint counsel to defend persons of interest in homicide investigations and the person has not been determined to be indigent nor has he been charged.”

David Meier, a high-profile defense attorney, notified Sutter he was representing the 41-year-old Wallace last Friday.

Prosecutors said they did not know how Wallace was footing Meier’s bill.

If Wallace is having his defense funded by Hernandez, then that means Hernandez has one co-defendant who has turned on him, and another who will go down with the ship.