Report: Alex Rodriguez Has No Plans On Making A Deal With MLB

Alex Rodriguez


Arod will go down swinging, after all.

USA Today has reported that the disgraced Yankees 3rd baseman has no plans on negotiating a settlement with Major League Baseball, according to two people close to Rodriguez.

The two people spoke anonymously and stated that Arod will in fact appeal any suspensions he’s hit with. Major League Baseball is planning to hit Arod with a 100 plus game suspension for what will now be his 2nd offense.

Yesterday Ryan Braun, who beat being suspended the first time around after a technicality got smacked with a 65 game suspension. Now, it appears to be Arod’s time for sentencing, and it seems that MLB has a very extensive heap of evidence to pin to the former super star.

Any appeal would make it unlikely that his suspension would take place this season–which would surely irritate matters even more. The odds are stacked against Arod in every way.

There comes a time when you have to know when to throw in the towel, Arod would be wise not to test his luck.