Report: Biogenesis Snitch Says NBA Players Amongst Client List

<> on June 2, 2013 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


According to a report by Tim Polzer of Sports Illustrated via ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” Porter Fischer, the person responsible for sparking Major League Baseball’s latest steroid scandal, claims that athletes from other professional sports leagues, are included on Biogenesis’ client list.

Fischer, a former patient, investor, and employee of the Miami-based clinic, alerted the New Times to the hidden scandal after Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch, refrained from repaying a loan.

His intention, he said, was to spark a federal investigation. After seeing the names of local police, attorneys and a judge in the documents, Fischer said he wasn’t comfortable going to law enforcement.

“I was really, really counting on somebody from law enforcement to come up and take me under their wing and have me as a witness in a criminal investigation, but that never happened,” he said.

Fischer said he never asked the New Times for money and never went to any of the leagues for money.

The former employee of Biogenesis, made it known that athletes from various sports were clients of Bosch.

Fischer said he and associates have identified athletes from the NBA, NCAA, professional boxing, tennis and MMA, in addition to other professional baseball players who have not yet been identified. As far as he knows, Fischer said, Bosch had no clients from the NFL or NHL.

He said the only sports entity he has heard from was Major League Baseball.

Fischer claims that this scandal goes further back than many realize, saying that Bosch has been pedalling PED’s as far back as 2009.

“This isn’t a 2013 thing or a 2012 thing; some of these people have been on the books since 2009,” Fischer said.

“In just the four years that I know, it’s got to be well over a hundred, easy,” he said. “It’s almost scary to think about how many people have gone through [Bosch’s treatments] and how long he’s gotten away with this.”

Fischer says that at one point he felt like his life was in danger and that he turned down $125,000 from the MLB for the evidence he possessed.

“Once I turned them down for the $125,000, two days later they wrote me a letter instructing me not to destroy any documents and to keep them around,” he said. “Then two days after that on the 24th of March, I was transporting evidence back to the state investigator for him to follow up on some criminal activity, and my car was broken into and four boxes of evidence were taken.

“I’m still amenable to working with them,” he added. “Because of this, now my employment opportunities are limited. I feel that I have something good to say. Just like anything else, I feel like my cooperation and compensation should go hand in hand or at least be evaluated.”

At some point, all the details of this scandal will come to light and if what Fischer is saying is even remotely true, then the you know what, will hit the F-A-N.

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  • I’m tell you right now BLACKSPORTSONLINE = I bet you anything that D-Wade is on that list. The guy can’t stay healthy with his knees breaking down and take a look at a photo of Wade from 4 yrs ago and you will see a HUGE difference in his JAW line. Wade’s exwife has said he was using PED’s, but since Wade has the money too make her look crazy everyone blew her off!!!

  • Yep an NBA player with chronic knee issues. Must be PEDs. Never see that.

  • Most of the top level athletes are on some type of “assistance”. That’s because money, sponsorships, contracts, endorsements, fame and prestige are at stake. Fans and owners want their $tars to perform at a super human level.

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