Report: Dwight Howard Wants Rockets to Add 3rd Superstar

Dwight Howard Clown

Maybe Dwight Howard knows that he isn’t the type of player that can lead a team to the promise land, so he is going to ask for as much help as possible, so he can be shielded from criticism.

I believe the Rockets have a strong young team and in theory Howard and James Harden should be enough, as long as they are surrounded with solid talent, but according to this report Howard wants another A-Lister to be added to the band.

The Houston Chronicle reports most of Howard’s questions were about basketball, and his fit with Houston. Specifically, the Chronicle says that Howard wanted to know if and how the Rockets were poised to add another max contract free agent this summer to go alongside himself and Harden.

There has been talks the Rockets could add Josh Smith, but I wouldn’t exactly consider him a superstar. At this point, it is anyone’s guess what Dwight Howard will do, but the Rockets still appear to be front-runner.

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  • J-Smooth is A LEGIT BALLER… FOH with this “He Ain’t a Superstar MESS” Though

    D-Howard shouldn’t GET PAID #MaxContract If He isn’t COMFORTABLE with BEING DA MAN Though (Just A Thought…) SMDH

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