Report: Kings & DeMarcus Cousins Discussing Contract Extension


The time has come for the Kings and DeMarcus Cousins to start talking contract extension.

Cousins will most likely get a max or near max deal, and it’s up to the Kings to decide if they want to do it themselves before October 31, or wait for another team to offer Cousins a monster deal next summer, and then be forced to match it.

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that the Kings and Cousins agent Dan Fegan are going to sit down and begin to hash out the parameters of an extension soon.

Cousins can probably expect the same five-year $80 million deal his former Kentucky teammate, John Wall just received from the Wizards.

The question for the Kings now is can DeMarcus Cousins be trusted with $80 million dollars, and does have the temperament to become the player and leader he talks about being.