Report: Knicks Willing To Let Carmelo Pick Which Free Agents To Pursue

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The New York Knicks see the writing on the wall, and in an effort to prevent their biggest star from walking, the Knicks reportedly are willing to allow that star in on the decision-making.

Hoopsworld is reporting that the Knicks are so desperate to prevent Carmelo Anthony from leaving, that they are willing to allow him to pick which free agents the team should pursue in 2015.

On the Anthony front, there is a chance he looks at greener pastures in 2014, but sources close to the process say the Knicks have already let Anthony know that their books will be basically clear in 2015 and he can pick his teammates much as Wade did in Miami.

With the New York market behind him and the almost unlimited checkbook of the Knicks, Anthony will have a lot of options in 2015 and while teams like the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers might be tempting in 2014, Anthony has a lot of influence in New York and they are willing to let him build his own team in NYC in 2015.

The Knicks essentially, want Melo to be patient, chalk the 2014 season up to whatever it will be.  When 2015 comes around, the Knicks will allow Melo to do his best D-Wade impersonation, and pick his free agents of choice to pursue.

By 2015, the massive contracts of Amar’e Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Andrea Bargnani will all come off the books.

J.R. Smith and Raymond Felton have modest player options for 2015-16 totaling a little more than $10 million, and Iman Shumpert could still be playing out his rookie deal.