Report: Lakers to Pursue Both LeBron & Carmelo in 2014 Free Agency

Melo LB

Not sure this should be huge news, anybody with common sense could see the Lakers were clearing the books for 2014 and that there were some potential huge free agents on the market. This is more of just confirming what we already know/speculated.

With only point guard Steve Nash and center Robert Sacre on the books past next season, the Lakers are poised to have enough cap space to offer two max contracts. Contracts they hope to be accepted by the likes of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.

The Los Angeles Lakers, whose plan to re-sign center Dwight Howard did not pan out this offseason, are poised to rebuild fast by focusing on the two biggest free agents of 2014 — LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, front office sources have told ESPN.

Opinions are split on whether the Lakers can actually land James or Anthony, with one source calling it “realistic” and another saying it was “far-fetched at this point.” Nonetheless, the Lakers have made it clear they are positioning themselves for a run at one and perhaps even two of the superstars who could become free agents in 2014, by refusing to commit to any contract past this next season, multiple sources have said.

With Kobe Bryant also scheduled to be a free agent, he is expected to be a big recruiter in the team’s rebuilding plans. If the Lakers hopes to sign Carmelo and LeBron are anything more than a pipe dream though, Kobe will be looking at a big paycut.