Report: LeBron James Thinking of Becoming President of Player’s Union

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Business wise LeBron hasn’t made many, if any missteps in his career. Maybe that is a knowledge he wants to past down to other players.

The NBA Player’s Union has had its ups and downs over the years, but having LeBron as a President would give them a stronger presence when dealing with the owners and new commissioner.

Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports has a source who believes that LeBron is considering it.

“It’s something he has talked about with a small group of people,” a source with close ties to James told on Wednesday. “He was very vocal at the meeting during the All-Star Weekend about the need for the union to dramatically change. There is a new executive director coming in and new commissioner. He recognizes that this is the time for the union to change.”

If LeBron indeed said that he is right, even though NBA players don’t have as many issues as NFL players, some changes need to be address.

This is a good time to address them with David Stern finally retiring. I think LeBron should do it, he has the power to make a changes for the NBA far beyond his skills on the court.

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