Report: Mavs Want Andrew Bynum, If They Can’t Sign Dwight Howard

Andrew Bynum Hair

The phrase that is being used in the report from is “Imperfect Plan B”. I would say that is an accurate statement in regard to going from Howard to Bynum.

Dwight Howard isn’t perfect, but at least he plays. Bynum would be an extreme risk, but it looks like it is one the Mavericks are willing to take.

Sources tell us Andrew Bynum represents an ‘imperfect Plan B.’ Here, the inside story of how Mavs’ talks with Bynum will focus on his willingness to include protection from his knee problems via a little-used section of the NBA Uniform Player Contract.

I would imagine if Bynum would give teams some protection on his Oden like knees, they would me more willing to work out a lucrative deal.

As a Mavs fan though, do you really want to see Bynum in Big D?