Report: MLB Umpire Brian Runge Fired for Drug Offense

Brian Runge


Well this is new.

According to a report by USA Today Sports, Major League Baseball umpire Brian Runge, has been fired for violating their drug policy.

 A Major League Baseball umpire was recently dismissed for what was believed to be the first known drug ouster among umps, two people familiar with the situation have told The Associated Press.

MLB announced on June 14 that Brian Runge was no longer on the staff and that a Triple-A umpire had been promoted, but didn’t give a reason. Only once since 2000 had such a change been made in midseason, and that was because of an injury.

The two people said Runge failed at least one drug test, then reached an agreement so he could remain on the umpire roster. When he failed to comply with those terms, he was released.

Believe it or not, but umpires are subjected to random drug tests just like players. Runge joined the MLB in 1999, and was apart of three generations of umpires, starting with his grandfather Ed, then followed by his father Paul.