Report: Chargers’ Ryan Mathews Arrested After Knocking Man Out in Bar Fight

NFL: Carolina Panthers at San Diego Chargers

The is reporting that Chargers running back Ryan Matthews was arrested in San Diego Sunday night after knocking a man unconscious during a bar fight.

According to reports, One witness, David Nieto aka Dj Wired, reported seeing a group of five Hispanic males inside the club proceed to talk trash to Mathews and another black male.

All men including Mathews were said to be highly intoxicated. The altercation took place outside the club gate where everyone goes to smokes.

Witnesses say words were exchanged over a female,  and Mathews reportedly knocked one male out cold and the individual was taken to UCSD medical hospital.

Both Mathews and his associate were arrested outside the nightclub, but San Diego police did not release a statement.