Report: Vanderbilt FB Player “Allowed” Teammates To Rape His Girlfriend (Audio)


We reported a few ago about four Vanderbilt footballs players who have been suspended after being accused of sex crimes against a female student. 

Details of that alleged crime have yet to be made available, but according to Deadspin, former Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Erik Ainge revealed on his TSN Radio show, some of those alleged details.

Ainge took to Twitter early Wednesday morning to let his followers know he had an announcement to make.

Ainge didn’t reveal any of the players names, but stated that after a night of drinking out on the town, the four Commodore football players and a girlfriend of one the players and alleged victim returned to a dorm.

“They were out,” Ainge said, “they were drinking, boyfriend Vandy football player had sex with his girlfriend, then allowed his three teammates with him to also have sex with his girlfriend, and she did not want that to be the case.”

According to Deadspin, the information or details passed along to Ainge, are similar to other tips made available to the site.