RG3 Forgot to Put His Knee Brace on During Redskins Practice


I think everyone wants RG3 to be healthy.

He is a dynamic QB, not a running QB, but an actual quarterback, so unless he is playing against your team,  he is a really enjoyable player to watch.

I am going to need him though to remember to put on his knee brace on.

Robert Griffin III tempted fate Thursday, but coach Mike Shanahan was able to laugh it off as a harmless faux pas when the second-year quarterback took his only snap of the morning walk-through without a vital piece of equipment: his protective right knee brace.

“You just got him fined for not having his knee brace on. So I’m hoping you’re very happy with yourself,” Shanahan said in his dead-pan way. “That was somewhat of a joke.”

One thought on “RG3 Forgot to Put His Knee Brace on During Redskins Practice

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