Ricky Williams is an Assistant Coach at The University of the Incarnate Word

Ricky Williams beard

At this point does anything Ricky Williams do surprise you?

It shouldn’t, because he is certainly someone who walks his own path. Sports Grid reports on him helping out a University in his home state of Texas.

In yet another random twist to his football journey, Williams is getting back into football off the beaten path. He is joining the coaching staff at University of the Incarnate Word, in a move first reported by CoachingSearch.com. KSAT.com said he will work with running backs on his days off while he still lives in Austin.

Here is some info on the University of the Incarnate Word via Wikipedia.

The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) is a private Catholic university located within the city of San Antonio and the town of Alamo Heights in the U.S. state of Texas.

The campus is located on 154 acres with notable campus extensions in the People’s Republic of China also called “China Incarnate Word” and in Mexico called the “Centro Universitario Incarnate Word”. The University has over 93 Sister schools around the world and its study abroad program is unmatched in the San Antonio area. One of the more popular programs is the John Cabot University study abroad program in Rome, Italy. As of Fall 2012, the university was the largest Catholic university and the fourth largest private university in the state of Texas.

I quit the Catholic church when I was 18. Too many rules.