Riley Cooper Says That’s First Time He Has Ever Said N*gger in His Life

Riley Cooper

Don’t lie.

Don’t insult my intelligence.

The person in this video has said the word Nigger on more than one occasion.

Don’t try to serve me BS and tell me it is steak.

Cooper said he had never said the word before (which makes it really unfortunate for him that a camera caught him the one time he slipped).

“I wasn’t raised that way,” he said. “I got a great mom and dad at home. They’re extremely, extremely disappointed in me.”

I don’t care how he was raised, the facts are he was very comfortable calling a black security guard a nigger and saying he would fight a bunch of niggers. If you have never said that word before in your life, it would be the last word that would come out of your mouth in that situation.

So, besides saying a racial slur, Cooper is also a bold face liar. Awesome guy.

17 thoughts on “Riley Cooper Says That’s First Time He Has Ever Said N*gger in His Life

  • Is there a reason why this guy didn’t get his ass beat?

  • Well he will have to face a lot of “niggers” in his line of work….every week he will be a target…beware of bounty hunt for the racist guy!

  • The guy is clealy a creepy-ass cracka.

    • racist basterd…

  • Lets be real here, what is he suppose to say infront of the media, “yeah I may have said it before”. Even if he said he regrets it he’ll still be judged for admitting he has said it before.

    He was wrong to have said it, asking if he ever used it before is a no win for him regardless of the answer. There’s racist ppl of all color and background.. Lets not forget that.

    • After apologizing, he could say nothing else at all. That’s an option too.

  • Why is it when a Black person uses this word their is no mass reaction like this? Why is it so appalling when a white person to uses this word but not when blacks use it? Why do so many black rap artist use this word as part of their lyrics for their songs with such ease? Seems to be a double standard here? I’m not condoning the use of this word by any means buts lets be honest here!

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