Robert Kraft Says The Patriot Way Is About Having Good People

Robert Kraft

All this time I assumed the Patriot Way was about staying in your lane, knowing your role, and not crossing head coach Bill Belichick.

Come to find out, it’s much deeper than that.  Patriots owner Robert Kraft, in the wake of the Aaron Hernandez murder case, decided he needed to remind us all, again, what the Patriot Way is all about.

Kraft told NFL Network that “The Patriot Way is about having good people,” and ‘uplifting the community.”

“It’s about trying to collect a lot of good people, having everybody in the organization on the same page; doing things in the community,” Kraft said.

“I think people in America today, it’s not just about money,” Kraft said. “They want to be connected to something they feel is special and when they get up every day, they look forward to coming to work. We try to create an environment here that does that. We’re not always successful, but we give it our best shot.”

Well Mr. Kraft should know by now, that we all won’t be good people.  Up until Hernandez was indicted for murder, Kraft was especially close with Hernandez, and probably assumed Hernandez was a good person.

The Patriot Way should simply be about the way the franchise and team plays and approaches each and every Sunday.

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  • The Patriot Way is a marketing phrase and a sh*tty bill of goods. Its about spending cheaply on players and increasing profit.

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