Rockets Don’t Have Enough Cap Room To Give Dwight Howard Max Deal


The Dwight Howard sweepstakes are about over, and now the 4 teams on his list must patiently sit and wait.  Pro Basketball talk is reporting that one of the favorites in the Howard sweepstakes can’t even give Howard a max deal.

The Houston Rockets if they do land Howard, will have to convince him to take less money, accomplish a sign and trade, or do some wheeling and dealing.

Howard’s contract can start at $20.5 million next season regardless of which team signs him, but the Rockets would find it nearly impossible to move enough cap space to pay Howard that sum.

The Rockets could waive Greg Smith, Patrick Beverley,Tim Ohlbrecht and James Anderson, and then use a stretch provision on Royce White to get rid of him, and then possibly give Howard max money.