Rockets Terrance Jones Arrested for Stomping Homeless Man’s Leg (Mugshot)

Terrance Jones Mugshot

I was hoping maybe the homeless man was harassing Jones or something, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. If these facts are true, I hope they put Jones in jail for a while, to teach him a lesson and some humility.

While watching the group walk away from the bar, the sergeant observed a man, later identified as Jones, walk by a doorway where two homeless men were sleeping, according to police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson.

The sergeant said Jones yelled, “Wake up,” then raised his leg and stomped down on one of the man’s legs. The men were sleeping in the doorway of 114 Northwest 3rd Avenue.

That is just cruel for no reason at all. These people are homeless sleeping on the street and you just decide because that you can be an evil human being and stomp on them?

I am not saying Jones should go to jail for life, but 30 days at minimum to make sure he never does anything like this again.

One thought on “Rockets Terrance Jones Arrested for Stomping Homeless Man’s Leg (Mugshot)

  • 30 days at minimum? See that is the problem, if this cat is mean enough to do that can you imagine what else he is capable of? I mean, here is a guy minding his own business, sleeping and this giant thug who happened to have enough BB talent to make it out himself just can’t get the hood out of his system and stomps on him? I’d chargh him with everyting I could, fine him a lot of cash (give it to his victim) and give him the max time allowed.

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