Roddy White Wants George Zimmerman Jurors to Kill Themselves


Similar to Victor Cruz, Roddy White had an opinion on George Zimmerman being found innocent of the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Unlike Cruz, White was a little more graphic in what he wanted to happen.

Roddy White George Zimmerman

I am going to assume he was speaking figuratively not literally, but it shows you the anger about the verdict has reached everybody including athletes.

2 thoughts on “Roddy White Wants George Zimmerman Jurors to Kill Themselves

  • The jury did exactly what they were supposed to do based on Florida law. Does it suck? Yes. Is it justice? HELL NO! The prosecution had a weak case. The defense introduced plenty of reasonable doubt. The only reason this case even made it to trial was to placate the public. So don’t be mad at the jury. They can’t convict somebody based on emotion.

    Maybe all the gun-loving, gun-toting citizens of this country should take a good look in the mirror and ask some hard questions about the obsession with “packing heat” in this country!

    If this is something Mr. White is really concerned about, he should join the fight for stricter gun control laws. Help get Congress out of the pocket of the NRA!

  • If the coach doesnt do anything about this, he is as sick as White

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