Scott Boras Responds to Jay-Z’s Diss on MCHG

Scott Boras


Jay-Z’s reach goes far beyond just the music world. That was evident when his commercial for the album  ‘Magna Carter Holy Grail’ debuted during the NBA Finals and people forgot that an actual game was going on. It was evident when he announced his Roc Nation Sports agency and immediately signed Robinson Cano away from super agent Scott Boras.

So when Hov’s album was released yesterday and people began to listen to the lyrics, one line that immediately stood out was the diss to Scott Boras himself on the track “Crown.”

“Scott Boras, you over baby. Robinson Cano, you coming with me.”

When Jay-Z takes a shot at you, it has to be hard to not hear about it. Boras actually decided to respond.

No word on whether or not Boras is working on his own diss track but we’ll keep you updated.