Shaq To Open Free Children’s Clinic In Baton Rouge (Video)

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Its nice to look at the news and see athletes doing more than clubbing, being reckless or being arraigned by the police.

From, TigerRag, Shaq didn’t just get his doctorate for looks or high, Dr. O’Neal is using his education to uplift a city. Last Friday, Shaq announced that he has plans to open a free children’s clinic in Baton Rouge, La.

“I wasn’t supposed to announce this, but I’m going to do it anyway,” Dr. O’Neal said. “I had a talk with the powers that be in Baton Rouge, and my plan is to build a Shaquille O’Neal children’s hospital. That’s my plan, so that right now is in the works, and hopefully it gets done. ”

“All sick children can come for free,” he said. “That’s my vision.”

Shaq is joining Our Lady of the Lake, in hopes of making the biggest and freest hospital in the state of Louisiana.

The announcement came when he was being inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

“The state lifted me to greatness,” he said. “LSU lifted me to greatness, and the people of Louisiana lifted me to greatness. After I left college, I had so much confidence and ability because of the character I created in the state of Louisiana.”

Stories like this don’t make too many national headlines, which is sad. There are some athletes who look outside themselves and truly commit and contribute to a community. This is one of Shaq’s or Dr. O’Neal’s, greatest moments. While we read about sex, strippers and jewelry, there are times when we need to read about athletes making great strides such as this, creating a free clinic where any sick child can be helped, regardless of their situation.