South Carolina Finds No Wrong Doing In Jadeveon Clowney, Jay Z’s Relationship


As expected, South Carolina and it’s compliance department have indicated that no wrong doing occurred in the relationship between Jadeveon Clowney and Jay Z according to Travis Haney of ESPN.

We reported on Monday that Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports were seriously pursuing Clowney for their agency.  By Tuesday, compliance officials at South Carolina made it a point to look into the relationship.

As we reported, it’s not an NCAA violation for an athlete to meet with an agent or a representative from an agency so long as no agreement on representation is made, verbally or in writing, or impermissible benefits are exchanged.

South Carolina I’m sure just wanted to make sure those things were not happening.

Clowney can meet with whomever he wants to discuss his future, and I’m sure with him being the consensus #1 pick in 2014, many an agent has already come calling.

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