Sportswriter Accuses Chris Davis Of Using PEDs, Did He Cross The Line?

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It’s only fair in this day and age of Biogenesis scandals to question anything that seems out of the ordinary.

So does this give Chicago Sun Times writer Rick Telander the right to put out an accusatory statement pretty much saying Chris Davis of the Orioles is most likely dirty?

Here’s some of the more damning quotes from Telander, read between the lines, if you will:

“Everybody says Davis is a humble, God-fearing sort. And he seems to be. He doesn’t like to brag. He walks away from homers the same way he does from strikeouts.

But he has hit a broken-bat homer. He can hit opposite-field dingers on bad pitches. He has checked his swing and hit the wall.

Five days ago, Baltimore Sun baseball writer Matt Vensel noted that Davis’ amazing stat of the week was that he had hit at least nine homers in three consecutive months, something “last done by Rafael Palmeiro in 1998.”
Palmeiro? Yep, a previously disgraced ’roider”

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where Telander is going with his points. Whether fair or foul to not so subtly accuse someone of steroids, doesn’t one at least have the right to be curious?

If the steroid era has taught us anything surely it’s to trust no one. I must admit I’m not mad at Telander for bringing up the topic, heck it’s something even I’ve stated quite a bit–more so just his numbers being ‘suspect’.

Do you think journalist (especially main stream ones) should be allowed to flatout throw out the question of players probably taking banned substances?

For those who need a review Davis is on pace for a tripe crown–errr that is if Miguel Cabrera goes ice cold for like 3 month. Davis is batting .327 with 32 homers and 83 RBI…in 85 games….trust no one.

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2 thoughts on “Sportswriter Accuses Chris Davis Of Using PEDs, Did He Cross The Line?

  • Look up Chris Davis’s stats from high school, college, minor leagues and major leagues. The power numbers have always been there. He’s now in a good environment, tightened his swing, and understands what pitchers are doing to get him out. Chris has always been a big guy, he just needed time to put it all together. That writer should be ashamed

  • I want to see Davis’ testosterone levels over the course of this season and even dating back the past three seasons for a baseline. I would suspect he’s using something at this stage.

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