Star Trek Inspired Derrick Rose Comeback Commercial (Video)


The Derrick Rose slander has been high throughout the season as the Chicago Bulls superstar decided to sit out the full season as he recovered from a torn ACL. As we all know though, time heals all wounds.

I’ve felt from the get go that if Rose returned next year and performed at a MVP level, all of this would be forgotten. His newest “Vengeance” commercial is quick to remind everyone out there just how explosive he is. Bulls right back into the conversation with Rose in the fold.


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Inspired Derrick Rose Comeback Commercial (Video)

  • why does everybody make a big fuss about d rose coming back , yeah he is an elite talent but bulls are not sniffing the finals not even with him back. the got beat in 5 games by the heat when he was at his best.
    i know alot of people hate miami but stop it already with the rose hype. the only reason he won his mvp was because people hated Lebron and there was no way they could give him that mvp right after the decision

    • You’re an idiot … The Bulls, not the Heat were the #1 team last year and the year before. The Heat shouldn’t have won the series in 5 games when Rose was healthy. Maybe they should/could have won it, but there was (as has been since the Big Three came together,) clear favoritism going on during the playoffs that year. If Lebron hadn’t been caught winking at the camera after blatantly flopping to draw a foul when there was clearly no contact made during a play involving Derrick Rose, the Heat probably would have been handed the trophy that year too.

      Last year, again not the #1 team, the Heat didn’t even have to face the Bulls because of Rose’s injury, followed by Noah’s injury.

      And this year? They lose a game in the playoffs to a Bulls team that essentially only had two healthy players and nearly lost two others. They went 7 games against Indiana, and were nothing short of lucky that they didn’t get eliminated in game 6 of the Finals before squeaking out game 7.

      It’s not hating on the Heat, it’s calling it as it is. The Heat are on the downswing and Derrick Rose coming back (who btw, won the MVP because he had lights out numbers that year … better than LBJ’s) makes them the team to beat next year.

      Oh, and I also heard that Stern will be gone next year. If that’s true, and you believe as most do that Stern managed the league to make sure Miami gthen the Heat lost their number 1 weapon.

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