Terrelle Pryor Says He ‘Never Knew How To Throw A Football’ Before

Terrelle Pryor

Oakland Raiders backup quarterback Terrelle Pryor picked a fine time to come out and admit a severe deficiency, just as the 2013 NFL season is getting underway.

Pryor is as athletic, and gifted a player you’ll ever meet, but was never the strongest passer.  Pryor did his best to fix that deficiency, by hiring Tom House to be his quarterback coach this off-season.

House’s claim to fame is being the guy that helped Tom Brady fix his mechanics.  According to the Bay Area News Group, Pryor admitted that “he never knew how to throw a football before working with House.”

“I never really knew how to throw a football before,” Pryor said Sunday.

“It’s coming along. I’m getting way better. I probably missed four or five throws out of 80, 85 throws today. I might ice my arm as a precaution tonight, but it feels great.”

Pryor was falling behind in the Raiders quarterback battle, and needs to do something not to lose ground to Matt Flynn and Tyler Wilson.