Tim Tebow Calls Hernandez Murder Case ‘Heartbreaking,’ Defends Urban Meyer


Tim Tebow might be one of the few people who can shed some insight into the personality of Aaron Hernandez.

Tebow and Hernandez were teammates at the University of Florida, before the NFL, and before the murder of Odin Lloyd turned Hernandez’s life upside down.

Tebow spoke briefly about Hernandez with the media after his first practice as a Patriot, and called the murder case “heartbreaking,” and defended Urban Meyer.

“It was heartbreaking, it was sad,” Tebow said in his first public comments about the murder. “And we’ve been advised not to comment on an ongoing legal investigation. So I’m not going to comment further. But it’s just heartbreaking and sad. All my prayers go out to the families that were involved.”

Tebow deflected a lot of questions, but when the topic of Urban Meyer came up, Tebow was full steam ahead in his defense of is former college coach.

“I feel like Urban Meyer is a great man, one of the best that I’ve had to the privilege of being around,” Tebow said.

“He’s someone who not only tries to win football games, he’s someone who tries to invest in young men’s lives and help young men grow. He cares very deeply about that. That’s one of the reasons why I’m so close to him, and I’m proud of him.”