Twodel Brittney Harris Arrested for Leaving Kids in Parking Lot to Attend Lil Wayne Concert

Brittney Harris Lil Wayne @iAMPRETTYRED

Normally I try to stay out of the Twitter exposing business, but sometimes women just have to be called out for their behavior, because you have to think about the kids they are raising.

Exhibit A Brittney Harris aka @iAMPRETTYRED

She is your standard Twodel on Twitter. Just look at the bio and the Twodel style photo.

Rising as one of the most exotic beauties in modeling, Pretty Red, a Japanese, Panamanian, and black vixen, is certainly making her mark on the industry.

Brittney Harris

Normally, I just leave those girls alone. If you want to be a Twodel that is your own business, but you can’t let your Twodel profession cause you to do things like this.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says that Brittany Harris left her two children aged 5 and 3 in the parking lot of the Amphitheatre while she attended the concert.

An employee of Cruzan says that he saw the two children in the parking lot around 7 p.m.

At 9:45 p.m. he spoke with the children and learned that Harris left them to stay in a car unsupervised. The children were brought to PBSO deputies at the north end of the concert.

Deputies caught up with Harris when she left the concert and went to the parking lot. Harris, according to investigators, denied bringing her children but later admitted that she left them in car so she could go to the concert.

Now listen, I like a few Lil Wayne joints myself, but he isn’t worth leaving your two kids roaming around a parking lot for three hours while you turn up.

You hear a lot of Twodels say “Turn down for what”? Motherhood is a good reason to turn down. I hope this is a wake up call for Ms. Harris, but in reality it just might get her on the next episode of Love and Hip-Hop and that is sad.

4 thoughts on “Twodel Brittney Harris Arrested for Leaving Kids in Parking Lot to Attend Lil Wayne Concert

  • This trick needs to have her kids taken.

    • Yeah, there are dead-beat dads but there are also just as many “unfit moms” like Brittney out there who don’t give a damn about their children either.

  • This will follow her throughout her career if she ever really makes it big. You reap what you sew!

  • This is disgusting! I hope they take her kids from her. She doesn’t deserve them. Smh

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