U.S. Air Force Member Throws Down Windmill Dunk In Boots & Fatigues (Video)


The Team USA Basketball Showcase from Thursday night was an awesome display of young talent, athleticism, and plenty of dunks to go around.

The best dunk of the night came from a member of Team USA, he’s just not on the basketball roster.  Nathaniel Mills is a U.S. Air Force member, and an amazing athlete.

Mills put that athleticism on display at halftime of the showcase when he appeared at half court in full uniform — camo, combat boots, and all, and prepared to throw one down for the fans in attendance.

I’m not sure what anyone was expecting, but after a pep talk from Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony, Mills threw down an amazing windmill dunk, in boots and fatigues.

Mills might have earned himself a tryout displaying those kind of hops in boots.  Most importantly, it was great seeing a serviceman of country get some TV time, and admiration.


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