Usain Bolt Says He’s Never Used PEDs


With all the reports of various Track &  Field athletes, like Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson, testing positive for doping, it begs the question how the world’s fastest, Usain Bolt can even perform the feats he does without any help. Recent inquiries have implied that maybe Bolt has at some point used, or is using, PEDs.

Well Bolt addressed all of the concerns according to USA Today Sports. He insists that he is clean and was even a bit indignant at the idea that people would suggest that he is among this group of reviled athletes. Bolt declared:

“What?! I am clean. You have to be careful as an athlete what you do and what you ingest, the food you eat and stuff like that.”

In fact, Bolt even made it a point to reiterate:

“…I have been doing phenomenal things since I was 15. I was the youngest person to win the world juniors at 15. I ran the world junior (200) record 19.93 at 17…. I have broken every record there is to break, in every event I have ever done.”

No doubt that Bolt is a phenomenon, but he can’t fault the fans for becoming jaded. It seems every day there is a new report of PED use, and so the current generation feels that every merit is doomed to have an asterisk next to it. As we’ve seen, the truth always comes to light, but the genuine hope is that stellar athletes like Bolt can help keep the sanctity of the sport alive by remaining clean and never testing positive.

2 thoughts on “Usain Bolt Says He’s Never Used PEDs

  • As if he’s going to admit something like that.

  • LoL for reals, no ones gona admit to it but i can assure you most atheltes take PEDs and in the Olympics its very very widely used all the athletes know they all take PEDs the testing is a joke in the olympics. do some research on it you will find out, look up the BALCO guy and what he did he talkd about the oylmpics aswell

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