Victor Cruz: I Want To Be A Role Model, Zimmerman Tweet Wrong (Audio)


Despite being one of the most high-profile wide receivers in the NFL, Victor Cruz is like everyone else, a person, who emotions and reactions to worldly things.

So it surprised  a lot of people when Cruz sent out this unwise Tweet in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin verdict. 

Victor Cruz Zimmerman


Cruz quickly deleted the Tweet, and after catching some flak, apologized for his remarks. Cruz appeared on the Dan Patrick Show Monday morning, and said that “he wants to be a role model.”

“I was a little angry, because as a father you think about if that was your son, if that was your kid that that happened to,” Cruz said. “I put the tweet out there, and once I put it out, I was like, man, that’s not the right thing to say. There’s kids that follow me and I don’t want them to think I’m trying to incite violence on anyone. Those aren’t my intentions, I’m not that type of guy. Where I come from, I heard violence outside my window each and every day. I don’t want to be someone to promote that even more.”

Cruz admitted he thought about his younger fans when deciding to delete the Tweet.

“Kids look up to me and I’m a role model to these kids and I don’t want them to think that what I wrote was OK, what I wrote was something that should be done or something that’s positive in our community, because it’s really not,” Cruz said.

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  • STOP APOLOGIZING!! Just because these crakkas got butthurt over that comment?? We don’t stand up for anything anymore lmao!!!

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