Victor Cruz Says The Hood Will Catch Up to George Zimmerman Soon


Athletes are human and many are young black man, so it is understandable they would be upset with the fact George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Many will say that Cruz has too much to lose to tweet something like this, but I am not going to criticize him for tweeting something that a lot of people are thinking.

Victor Cruz Zimmerman

He deleted the tweet, but it is based in some truth. Zimmerman while being found innocent, will always be seen as a child killer to many and probably should watch his back at all time.

6 thoughts on “Victor Cruz Says The Hood Will Catch Up to George Zimmerman Soon

  • Well right about now he’s probably feeling like, “if I killed 1 I can kill another”! Pandora’s box has been opened with this verdict!!

    • obviously you all have no idea what not-guilty means.

      • It means O.J. didn’t do it?

      • Obviously you’re the one that doesn’t know. The facts as presented led to this ‘verdict’. Doesn’t mean there weren’t additional facts not brought into evidence. The fact that the prosecution’s ‘effort’ should serve as a tutorial of how not to prosecute a case, notwithstanding, I would bet the jurors believed him guilty but had to follow the law. Do tell us, what law school you graduated from. Myself, Boalt Hall ’98. A T10 school by the way.

  • This is just irresponsible journalism. As a black man you should not be tacitly encouraging any harm toward Mr. Zimmerman, who was found innocent by a jury of his peers. A jury that the prosecution and defense agreed to. A trial that TRAYVON’S FAMILY SAID THEY WOULD ABIDE BY THE VERDICT. And yet now you are suggesting that he is a child killer. He is not. And Trayvon, who got in fights, who himself was a racist who thought of Mr. Zimmerman as a “creepy $&@ cracka” was just some innocent kid. The jury had all of the facts. Did you watch the whole trial? I did. The State did not prove its case. Stop hounding this man. I am sorry that Mr. Martin is dead. The entire thing is a tragedy, but putting an innocent man in jail is not going to bring Mr. Martin back nor do anything but make matters worse. Your veiled threats are in need of a serious check.

  • He is a child killer. In fact, he’s a lying murderer. He profiled, stalked, murdered and lied to make Trayvon look like a savage beast when he was defending himself against a man with a fucking gun. Zimmerman, is NOT innocent. All those lies that came out in the court room??? And you didn’t see it? Take off the blind folders buddy. I could care less what happens to Zimmerman now, and Victor Cruz is right, someone will catch up to him, and I wont give a rats ass about him. Life will catch up to him, just like it did with OJ Simpson.

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