Warriors Prepared to Offer Bogut, Thompson Or Barnes to Lakers for Dwight Howard



If you are the Lakers there are three options you are looking at.

1- Dwight stays.

2- Dwight goes, you get nothing and hope for better days in 2014.

3- Dwight goes via a sign and trade.

One team is willing to do the third option.

The Golden State Warriors are prepared to offer Andrew Bogut and either Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Dwight Howard.

The Warriors can also offer expiring contracts such as Richard Jefferson or Andris Biedrins to offer more cap relief to the Lakers, though only Steve Nash is signed for 14-15.

Young talent would be good for the Lakers, fresh blood needs to be added into the mix, so it is something they should really consider if Dwight says he wants to go.


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