Woman Claiming RG3 Sent Her Shirtless “Bae” Photos on Wedding Day Probably Lying

Meredith Barber RG3

Busted Coverage did the investigating reporting on this one.

But, it is probably all an elaborate lie. It starts with the alleged text message on the night of RG3’s wedding.

Meredith Barber RG3 2

If it is one thing we know about Texts messages is that they can be manipulated. That could be any black guy in that photo and she could have just put RG3 name as the contact. So, we have to take that with a grain of salt.

Then there are the Redskins tickets she received.

Meredith Barber RG3 3

Once again, no way to know where she got these tickets from. She could have bought them herself for all we know. The only evidence that we have that Meridith knows RG3 is an old tweet exchange between him, her and one of his groomsman back in September.

Meredith Barber RG3 4

I’ve learned not to speak in absolutes, could RG3 have sneaked away on his wedding day to send “bae” photos to some random jumpoff? Of course he could have, but if we are going to be fair, this just appears to be a groupie with an unhealthy obsession that is upset RG3 got married.

Meredith’s for her part is either trying to cover up the other thing or realizes that the lie will fall apart soon.


Either way it isn’t safe out here in these Twitter Streets, be very careful who you are tweeting and sending alleged “bae” photos to. Everyone won’t be as nice as me and show both sides of the equation.

2 thoughts on “Woman Claiming RG3 Sent Her Shirtless “Bae” Photos on Wedding Day Probably Lying

  • BEFORE I clicked on this story I was like “NO MFing Way this Corny-Azz Nigga would DARE DO SUCH A THING to Insult His IVORY-QUEEN that he LUVS SO MUCH” Though and YEAH I was ASSuming the Female was Black!!!

    NOW That I SEE It’s a YT Female and BLONDE TOO… ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE in That Regard Though (MmmHmm…)

    And For The Record:
    I HAVE NO PROBLEM Whatsoever with RGIII and His Preference (That’s HIS LIFE…) I just hope he comes back 100% HEALTHY and Goes about being The BEST QB He Can Be Though (REAL…)

  • Drama drama drama!

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