Yankees Alex Rodriguez to Have MRI on Injured Quad

*Apr 14 - 00:05*


It’s an open secret that the New York Yankees don’t want third baseman Alex Rodriguez, back in the lineup, not with the impending suspensions that are supposedly coming from Major League Baseball, so this is an injury they may welcome.

Rodriguez, who was expected to return to the team on Monday, after missing the first four months of the season due to a hip injury, injured his quad during his rehab stint in the minors and according to the team, he’s going to have it checked out.




One thought on “Yankees Alex Rodriguez to Have MRI on Injured Quad

  • I wouldn’t say the Lakers scare me, but with Rose and Deng out, any team has a decent chance against the Bulls. The big advantage the Bulls have over the Lakers is a coach who isn’t trying to do something completely unsuited to his players.

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