A-Rod Says He’s Not a Snitch; Could MLB Be Leaking False Info?

*Apr 14 - 00:05*

Alex Rodgriguez and Bud Selig aren’t the most trustworthy individuals, so who knows who is telling the truth, but it is in MLB’s best interest to make A-Rod look as bad as possible.

Someone is lying and honestly I don’t know who.

Alex Rodriguez on Friday strongly denied a report that he implicated fellow players, including New York Yankees teammate Francisco Cervelli, as PED users to a website back in January.

“It’s not true,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez also implied the story was just the latest in a series of leaks designed to further tarnish his image as he moves forward with his appeal of the 211-game suspension handed down by MLB commissioner Bud Selig on Aug. 5.

“We’re all going to have to get ready for a bumpy road,” Rodriguez said. “It’s going to get bigger every day. I would expect bigger and bigger stories to come out every day. It’s frustrating that it’s coming out one drip at a time. You wish all of this could be done in a confidentiality manner like the collective bargaining agreement says it should, but that’s not the case. We’re going to have to deal with it. When I have the right platform at the right time and the time is appropriate — which is not now — I will tell my full story.”

A source close to Rodriguez told ESPNNewYork.com that the slugger was considering taking action against CBS and “60 Minutes.”

“They’re going to get sued,” the source said. “Call him whatever you want, stupid, but Alex is not a rat.”