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A-Rod’s Lawyer on MLB: “I will annihilate them”

by Greg Smith | Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
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*Apr 14 - 00:05*

What is this, Mortal Kombat? Alex Rodriguez may not want to talk about this anymore and has reportedly apologized to his teammates who also are sick of getting questions but his lawyer Joe Tacopina has plenty to say:

“Their case is in shambles,” Tacopina said. “They can talk a tough game, but we’ll see how they act in a courtroom and a court proceeding. I will annihilate them.”

He went on to say:

“They have this thug mentality in their investigation,” Tacopina said. “They’ve committed two criminal offenses that we know of. Witnesses are terrified by the MLB investigators.

“They are relying on one person, (Biogenesis founder Tony) Bosch, for their whole case. He will take the Fifth Amendment, or will be in jail. They have no witnesses.

“There’s never been a case like this that ever got close to a courtroom. No prosecutor would bring that to a courtroom. It’s beyond circumstantial. And he never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.”

A-Rod is doing the right thing by letter his lawyer handle this for him for now and honestly they are doing a good job of turning this all on the MLB that people are forgetting that Rodriguez is the cheater in all of this. Allegedly.

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