Aaron Hernandez Cries in Jail because He Can’t See His Daughter


Aaron Hernandez has become pen pal crazy since being charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez has been denied bail, so the best guess is that boredom and loneliness has him feeling the need to reply to people who have written to him. However, since everyone seems to be selling Hernandez’s replies to them, you would think it would teach him not to write anymore. Well apparently Hernandez doesn’t care.

Bossip.com is reporting the latest of Hernandez’s letters, where he speaks of his nine month old daughter, Avielle Janelle. Hernandez seems very distraught that his daughter doesn’t know who he is and that he has to hear her say “da-da” for the first time through a telephone call.

Hernandez tells his pen pal:

“I miss my little girl terribly an (sic) my biggest fear of all is she won’t daddy. She said daddy (for the) first time or should I say “Da Da” and (I) had to hear it from jail.”

Hernandez also blames the media for the negative image that people currently have of him and says in the letter:

“I’m a great dude. Don’t believe all the negative publicity. Media is the negative of the fame! I’m doing fine but wanted to write you and definitely wanted to say thanks for the support! Hope to hear back from you if wanted!”

Aaron Hernandez is clearly delusional if he thinks the media is the reason people think poorly of him, but that’s another story.