Aaron Hernandez’s Cousin Jailed For Refusing To Testify


Aaron Hernandez’s cousin has decided that jail is better than being labeled a snitch in her Bristol, Connecticut community.

A grand jury has convened to see if Aaron Hernandez should stand trial, and in the process they have to depose several key witnesses, to gather their information.

Hernadnez’s coustin, Tanya Cummings-Singelton, has no interested in turning states evidence, and has been jailed for contempt of court, and refusal to testify according to the Hartford Courant. 

She has been held behind bars since August 1.

Prosecutors believe that Cummings-Singleton is the person responsible for purchasing a bus ticket for Ernest Wallace, who then fled to Florida.

Carlos Ortiz reportedly told police that he discussed the murder of Lloyd with Cummings-Singleton.