Aaron Hernandez’s Jailhouse Letter Leaked; Addresses the Haters (Read Here)


Whoever Aaron Hernandez sent this letter to isn’t much of a friend because as soon as they had a chance they turned it over to TMZ (for a small/larger profit). ┬áHernandez specifically says keep the letter off social media, but everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame or to make a quick buck.

Hernandez says he’s not guilty, will remember all the people who turned their back on him and plans to play in the NFL again.

Good luck with all of that.

A couple of my followers on Twitter think this is an elaborate plot by Hernandez and he wanted the letter leaked to gain some sympathy in the public?  Do you think that is possible?



  1. Someone should tell him that “alot” is not a word. Never has been, never will be. No one says “I have acat” or “I need acar”

  2. All of the most heinous criminals say their innocent and swear that they are innocent to God and on their children

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