Adidas Unveils New D Howard 4 (Photos)

D Howard 4

Adidas appears to be trying to step their game up with the new D Howard 4 basketball shoe. These by far seem to be the best ones they’ve put out thus far. Here’s how they describe the design.

The spiral wave design on the shoe’s upper is inspired by Dwight’s playing style and how he circles the paint protecting the rim by blocking shots and grabbing rebounds while the bright color palate was selected to match Dwight’s personality. The tongue and three-stripes branding both feature a chrome treatment to stand out on the court.

Howard will be sporting the shoe on his upcoming tour of Asia August 16-26. The D Howard 4 will be available on November 1.

D Howard 4 (2)

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  • funny i thought the spirals would of stood for how he circles around everything constantly changing his mind

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