Adrian Peterson’s FB Facing 3 Game Drug Suspension

jerome felton

All-Pro FB Jerome Felton has been suspended three games according to Adam Caplan. Felton earned Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors in his first season with the Vikings last year, and paved the way for Adrian Peterson to take home NFL MVP honors after rushing for 2,097 yards.

It’s not a good look for them to lose AD’s lead blocker considering we know what they have at QB in Christian Ponder. Two out of their first three games are on the road against division opponents so it might a tough road ahead for the Vikings offense.

2 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson’s FB Facing 3 Game Drug Suspension

  • Why the misleading title? Why is Peterson’s name mentioned at all? Shouldn’t the title be Vikings’ Jerome Felton’s Facebook account suspended, without mentioning Adrian Peterson’s name.

  • You should really change the title of this article it’s very misleading to the average reader who will glance over. I don’t see why headline with AP name when he isn’t the one failed the drug test.

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